why H E L L O there!

i am niko. bellax3vita from youtube. i am 21 years young. i love hair, makeup, and fashion. i am a shopaholic. i love art. i love painting. i suck at drawing. i probably have A D D. i get bored easily. i laugh a lot. i love thai tea. i am a full time student. going into nursing. i am a part-time employee. i work at a sucky nursing

... c o n t i n u e

home. but i love the residents. my favorite season is fall. my favorite fashion season is fall. i love boots. i love royal purple. my favorite color is pink, although i hate wearing pink. i love skinny jeans. i LOVE forever21. just as much as i LOVE makeup. and I'm sure you love makeup too, which probably brought you here. hello & goodbye =)

t w i t t w i t t w i t t e r .

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